Buying process

1. You chase the dream home

This hunt usually starts online. There are countless possibilities here and it can feel prohibitive to find a home that suits you. The market in Spain is completely open, which means that if you find a project or a home on another website or on that we do not have, we can most likely get it. Contact us and we will help you narrow your search!

2. We take you on a tour

We recommend to anyone looking to buy a property in Spain on a tour. This gives you a better impression of both the homes and the surrounding areas.

3. A reservation contract is signed and a deposit is payable

Once you find the dream home, it must sign a reservation contract. It is a legal contract that tells which property is to be purchased, what price has been agreed upon and when the acquisition will take place. Afterwards you have to pay a deposit of minimum 3,000 euros and the property is taken off the market. If you withdraw from the purchase, you lose the deposit.

4. Power of Attorney

As a buyer, you need a Spanish representative. You therefore authorize a lawyer who is authorized to represent you. This power of attorney is signed at the nearest courthouse (Notary Public). This can be done both in Spain and in Norway.

5. Spanish bank account

You need an account with a Spanish bank to transfer money between Norway and Spain. Here you set up auto covers to cover common expenses, renovation, insurance and more. If you also want to finance the purchase in a Spanish bank, we can help you obtain loan offers from various banks.

6. You need a Spanish ID number (NIE number)

To do business in Spain, you will need a NIE number that can identify you in all official documents. The attorney you have authorized to represent you will arrange this.

7. Check of liens and ownership

Just like in Norway, a check is made of the liabilities and ownership before the property is sold to you.

8. Excess and review of the dwelling

It takes 4-6 weeks from the property to be overused until we receive the original deed. When the property is overpriced to you, the accommodation is ready for you the next time you come to Spain. Then we arrange a review of the accommodation.

9. Purchase of furniture, TV, internet etc.

If you wish, we can assist with the handling of furniture, TV, internet and other things.